There were times where movies could be watched only in theatres with a huge number of people spending so much time waiting in queue to get the ticket.

But now since the development of technology, things have changed quite drastically. Be it for the smallest thing to the largest. Everything has been made so easy in time.

And that's the same when it comes to watching movies. Those were times where there were only one means to watch a movie, but now there are so many ways you can watch a movie just having a Smartphone will help to find out.

People who love to spend time watching movies will know the right means to watch and enjoy them.

One such means is the Go stream.

What is Streaming?

Streaming is a multitude of media that receives and presents it for the users and helps them to reach off to the media they like.

The stream actually refers to the process of providing it to the end-users. It is a medium through which the user is provided with the things they desire. It is an alternate way of downloading 

The user can use the media player to watch the video or media-related things.

In older times, there was television, being a medium to watch the streaming. Still, now as the technology has developed, it has helped in making things easier and made streaming apps and websites through which it cam watched and enjoyed. 

From the time internet came into Picture Live streaming is what is happening for people to stream with ease.

What is Gostream?

For people who don't know what it is. This is basically a network that is of a file streaming website that allows users to watch movies for free. This was termed to be the 'very popular website that was illegal' which was by Motion Pictures Association of America in the year 2018.

It was shut down for the reason of Criminal investigation by the authorities of Vietnamese. However, as of April 2020, the website is still active. 

There were several names given to the site after the shutdown. Sometimes 123moviesand some other time 123Movies and so on. 

In October 2016 the MPAA stated that 'this site has been very popular and Ranked 559 at Global level and 386 at the local level. And also that there were 9.6 million users of the site and also that it was the most pirated website that was used in the United Kingdom. 

Why Gostream?

In the world of a movie site, Gostream is one of the best streaming sites to watch free movies online, not just movies but also series.

Gostream is a site that explores hundreds and thousands of movies and also series that can be watched and loved. From anywhere the person wants to with the help of Smartphone.

One best thing about this site is that the titles that are given, they are so punny. There are so many titles too. And it updates it daily not just once on a while and not just once for all but one at a time and on a daily basis. 

Until now there have been 50,000 titles and the downloads can be done in any resolution as one prefers to be one of the best streaming sites.

There are amazing features of this site where there are options to sort out, a search bar, advanced filtering and also you can comment and rate the movies on the site. And also add it to your favourites. 

It comes on with a whole level of the set of movies new and moderate of Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywoodetc. This site nearly has 25,000 plus movies also series were you can watch series online free and watch free movies online and as a download if the person prefers to. 

This website can be streamed online as well as download can be done with the resolution being 1080p HD, 720p and 320p. The download can be done quickly with ease and not having any buffering issues and also full-screen visibility is provided with 320p version quality of the movie.

The galleries have clearly HD ones, action ones, model ones and many others. The galleries can be taken in zip files too if wanted.

Important features of Gostream

  • Languages Availability 

The website has a huge number of languages that is available; it not only covers a particular language but is global. This website, even in 2020, has new movies that have just come into the market in fractions of seconds. It is mostly specialised with Hollywood and animation films. There is a large collection of Hollywood films also tv series, programmes, dubbed films and web series.

  • Available in APK

Not many websites have this, but this site has an app that also has features that are very convenient. The app has a size of 13.2 MB, the version being 

v3.0, available languages Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu, and also free license. The loading speed is higher than the website and has no pop-ups making it easy to use. And also watch series online free.

  • Categorization

The website is so best streaming sites has one main reason is the Convenience for the users. The films are categorised accordingly, so it's easily available to the users. It has sorted in many genres so it can locate the video and find a proper picture. It is easy to choose according to one's mood. Categories available are:

  • Dramas 
  • Horror and scary 
  • Comedy 
  • Sci-fi 
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Tragedy 
  • Thriller
  • For children 
  • War
  • Sports 
  • Mystery 
  • Web series 
  • Tv series 
  • Quality options 

The website has films and TV shows and series, especially Hollywood series and films new. It can be viewed with different video quality as per the Individuals preference. It Provides HD quality of movies and provides the option of download or watch free movies online. The quality provided is

  • HD movie download 
  • Full Movie HD Download 
  • Full Movie 720p HD Download 
  • Full Movie 480p HD Download 


  • Ease in getting new releases 

A website like these has the fastest means to make it available for the users. The movies which are new and released in theatre are pirated and streamed for the users. The link of the new movie is easily provided for the users.

  • Variety of options 

This site does not only provide movies in English, but other languages also provide Tv shows and series and also seasons of the series these seasons and episodes available and watch series online free. The users get not only the global seasons of series and episodes but also the local ones making it more popular.

  • Easy access

This site makes it easy for the users to access with ease and not much of complication. And in fact, also being free it categories and makes it convenient for the user. They are also having different sites of the same domain and URL, so one is available in the absence of the other.

  • Dimensions of Movie files 

The speed of the internet differs from each user, and so the downloading access is different as well. The various files sizes available are

  • Dimensions of 300MB videos and movies 
  • Dimensions of 600MB videos and movies 
  • Dimensions of 2GB videos and movies 
  • Dimensions of 6GB videos and movies

How to Access Gostream website?

The web, which as an option to watch free movies online and watch series online free, has certain steps to be followed to use:

Method for Mobile Users

  • The very first thing is to to have a VPN to change the location. There are few apps with which this can be done using them will help it out.
  • Once you install the app then in the VPN app, select the location as the United States. And then check with the IP address.
  • After that, see if the IP address is changed and if so then go to the goStream website and there you will gain full access for download and movies and films can be watched and downloaded. 

Method for Desktop users

  • The users can visit chrome browser and if not available, then install it, and the way in Mobile won't work same for desktop. There you need to install a VPN extension.
  • Tunnel bear can be an option too
  • Once it's installed, then the VPN needs to be created and mark the location of the United States. The VPN does not require registration and convenient to use.
  • Then after changing the IP address, then go to the website and select the movie you want to download. New or old any.

How to Download movie?

New movies or web series or tv shows any seasons or episodes can be watched on the website; however, the steps to be followed for downloading a movie which can be of 2020 or any year:

  1. First of all open the Gostream website and the latest movies will be shown in the site of which can be chosen English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi or any language. 
  2. There will be a search bar on the homepage of the website using this you can search for the movie you want, typing the movie in the bar you can download it from the search result.
  3. For the purpose of money, there will be pop up ads that will be popping during downloading, and all of this needs to be faced and come over. If a desktop using any ad blockers can be used to block them.
  4. Once all the ads are over the thumbnail will be seen on which the movie can be played. Watch free movies online and watch series online free.
  5. In case you don't want to watch it online you can download and watch it with HD quality.

Other websites that link with Go stream:

The website had the option to watch free movies online and watch series online free, and this website along with it provides the users other options link along with this to help them explore more and use them according to there preference. 

Not only Hollywood or English movies and films but other languages are available in these Other websites as well. Eventually, making it a reason for best-streaming sites, among others. The version or quality be it HD also is same as that of this, like seasons and episodes that are available in these sites as well. New movies, films, tv shows are also available. 

Other similar sites than that of Gostream

In these sites there is not only one site taking place there are many more different sites that provide the user with the movies an films like this website too. Not all have the same popularity or the same means of the feature. However, ow each of these sites has their own features and provide the users differently in different aspects. But in the comparison of all Gostream has its own place. Some of them are:

  • 123 movies
  • 9x movies
  • Bolly share
  • Download hub lol
  • Filmywap
  • Go movies
  • Isaimini
  • Kutty movies 
  • Madras rockers 
  • Movie counter
  • Mp4 movies
  • Put locker 
  • SSR movies
  • Tamil gun
  • Tamil rockers
  • Tamil yogi
  • Today pk
  • Worldfree4u
  • Yts

And many other such sites also are similar to Gostream. 

Though there are many sites in comparison to this, the site has so many options and ways of which it takes its place.

However, the website has theses many features and advantage because of which it is the best streaming sites and making people use it more.

The site has so many movies tv shows and series which can be a variety of options that is provided to make it. Like said before the site when compared to the other sites has its own way to attract the users with its features. 

This is the bigger online streaming site that provides what it promised. As the features say HD equality, full screen, variety of options, categorised, available in different languages just as it says the same is what is provided that's the reason for the popularity of the site. 

Therefore the user of the site has their satisfaction for experience the best HD and Best video movies and films more conveniently.